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Test Your "Passion" With A Carnival Classic...


Candy Themed Living Room at The Sweet EscapeThis incredibly spacious room features a vintage candy theme. Peppermint ceiling fans swirl overhead and gourmet sweets adorn the walls. A classic "Passion Tester" machine stands ready to measure your "sweetness" level. Franklin Mint editions of the classic games Clue & Monopoly are available for play.  An all-in-one game table & bar features playing fields for Blackjack, Roulette, & Craps. There are even two Queen-sized, pull-out sofa beds available.


Vintage Candy Living Room at The Sweet EscapeGumball machines beckon your sweet tooth. A vintage candy machine conjures up nostalgic images for one generation while causing the mouths of the younger generations to water. On the wall is a customized work of art telling an inspirational rhyming story about how the Sweet Escape came to be---dreamed up by a Dad and his two young daughters...against all odds...and in defiance of all naysayers....Under that same mural is a vintage radio with a CD of the Sweet Escape's story told to music...


Popcorn Machine Cart in The Sweet Escape's Vintage Candy Themed Living Room
So whether you sit under the peppermint fans, read the candy-themed books we provide, enjoy a classic board game...or just take a sweet nap, the "candy shop" living room is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for you and your group. One evening, you just might even allow yourself to have dessert before dinner.  

Virtual Tour of Candy Themed Living Room at The Sweet Escape
Candy Shop
Living Room

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Candy Apple Eatery


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