SIX star service At Sweet escape

no other vacation home on earth offer this level of service!

Two days prior to checking in, one of our guests mentioned in conversation that her family adored playing a particular board game. We made it a point to surprise them by having that game here at Sweet Escape upon their arrival. During their stay, they asked if we had a particular movie title in our library. We did not. However, within hours, we hand-delivered it to them. At their request, we also arranged private barbecues, a Hawaiian luau show, and even limousine transportation to and from the theme parks. When something as simple as a coffee pot stopped working during their stay, we had it replaced the same day. These are just a few examples of how we will go out of our way to make your vacation, family reunion, or birthday/anniversary celebration at Sweet Escape more than just a vacation home rental. We are committed to providing 6 star, luxury resort-level service.   

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Other Orlando area vacation home owners impersonally leave a key in a lockbox or with an offsite realtor that you have to travel to visit. At Sweet Escape, either the owner or one of his staff will meet you on site and give you a thorough tour of the property, explaining how all of its amenities are operated. Throughout your stay, our staff will be just a phone call or text message away if you have ANY questions at ANY time about ANY aspect of the property. In short, we provide our guests with deluxe hotel level concierge service and related assistance even though we are a vacation home rental.

From the day you make your reservation at The Sweet Escape through the day you check-in and all the way through check-out & beyond, you will be treated like a V.I.P. and you will enjoy the sincerity and Southern Hospitality provided by the owner and his assistants. Whether you need the fridge stocked with groceries prior to your arrival or would like to arrange for private chefs, on-site massage therapy, or personal training, just let us know and we will go out of our way to make sure that your stay at Sweet Escape exceeds your expectations. Remember: Everything else is just an ordinary home rental; Sweet Escape is a luxury celebrity-level vacation experience!

*Please note: Sweet Escape is not claiming to be "6 star lodging"--Designations like that are reserved specifically for resorts and traditional hotels. We are not a hotel but rather, a privately-owned vacation rental home proud to provide our own brand of 6 star service in addition to our incredible over-the-top amenities which are unparalleled in the Florida vacation home industry. Our attention to detail and fast response time to ensuring your satisfaction before, during, and after your stay gp above and beyond the best of the best in our business. As such, we are proud to provide all guests with this unmatched '6 star service.'




World's Only Ice Cream Pool

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Karaoke Night Club

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High Tech VR Games!

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Two Game Arcades!!

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Choc. Covered Massage Parlor

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Sugar Mania Splash Park

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The Den of 8,000+ Balls!

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Be A Rock Star Or Top DJ!

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Dance Like It Don't Matter!

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Carnival Games From Bed!

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Play Laser Tag!

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Pepsi Diner Pinball Bedroom

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The Coca-Cola Bedroom

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Your Own Private Theater!

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